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.::I don't need your blood of Magnolia::.

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Name:Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Leader of the Royal Order of the Protestant Knights. Seated Member of the Twelve Conventions who control the British Empire and protect the Queen and the Anglican Church. 22 years old. Ruthless. Devoted. Driven. Noble. Known as "Integra", Master of Alucard (Dracula) and Seras Victoria who are dispatched to take care of the supernatural menaces. Granddaughter of Abraham van Helsing. Sword and Shield of Britain.

Shares Alucard's murderous hatred for traitors. Shares her father's compassion toward monsters. Has her own unique definition of what is a monster and what is a man (human).

"Beautiful Fräulein." "Protestant Swine." "Maiden of the Anglican Order." "Babylon." "Master." "Countess."

( "What are your orders, my Master?" | "SEARCH AND DESTROY!" )
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